Sewa Ruang Kantor - Jakarta Office Space for Rent

Sewa Ruang Kantor

Sewa dan Jual Satu Lantai Gedung Kantor Grade A di 88@Kasablanka, Jakarta Selatan

Pakuwon Tower88@KasablankaPrudential CentreLay Out Kokas Office TowersKota Kasablanka - Jakarta Selatan 12870Strategic Area

  • Office Building Name: 88@Kasablanka
  • Location: Kota Kasablanka, Jl Casablanca Raya No.88, Jakarta Selatan 12870
  • Floor/View: Whole floor/mid zone-high zone/Tebet, Saharjo, Jl Casablanca
  • Size: 131 – 2.200 m2
  • Condition: Unfurnished
    • For rent (some units already include ceiling – ducting – lighting)
    • For selling (bare condition)
  • Facility:
    • Connected directly to Kota Kasablanka Mall – which can connect to Other Office or Apartment Building.
    • Facility in Kokas including : Shopping Mall – Ballroom – Residential – Office – Clinic – Daycare – Etc.
  • Additional Info: Kota Kasablanka in known for its office tower that always full occupied and supported by 7 Towers of Luxurious Apartment dan Kota Kasablanka Mall that holds national and international events on a regular basis
  • Selling Price: Rp 38 mio/sqm – 42mio/sqm (Nego), depend on View & Term of Payment
  • Rental Price: Rp 200.000/sqm (Nego). Excluded service charge & tax
  • Contact: 08 9999 88 587 (available on whatsapp) – Inhouse Pakuwon Group
  • E-mail:
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