Sewa Ruang Kantor - Jakarta Office Space for Rent

Sewa Ruang Kantor

Jual Office Space Centennial Tower – Lantai Dasar Luas 196 m2 dan 1 Lantai 32 Luas 2.866 m2

Unit A Ground Floor Semi Gross 1111,5 m2Unit B Ground Floor Semi Gross 851 m2lantai 32 semigross 2866m2 , small unit 196-560m2

  • Office Building Name: Centennial Tower
  • Location: Gatot Subroto – Jakarta Selatan
  • Floor/View: Lantai dasar, Lantai 32 dan Lantai 33
  • Size: 196 m2 – 2.866 m2
  • Condition: Bare
  • Facility:
    • The Centennial Tower salutes guest with grandeur of 8 meters lobby ceiling, while 16 passengers lifts carries tenants and visitors to their destination.
    • Office tenants are pampered with 2,9 meters ceiling height, and comforting VRF AC system. 24 hours security system is provided, with screening and gate barriers for vehicle. CCTV is also provided throughout public areas.
    • Located strategically on Gatot Subroto, the Centennial Tower is in the vicinity of the Semanggi interchange, in proximity of the Mega Kuningan City CBD, Sudirman CBD where most Indonesia’s financial, business, and entertainment heartbeat lies. The inner city toll road just across, enabling direct access to airport, major ports, and satellite cities.
  • Additional Info:
    • Ground Floor ( Lantai Dasar ) Rp 70.000.000/m2 + 10% PPN
    • Semi gross unit A = 1.111,5 m2
    • Semi Gross unit B = 851 m2
    • Cocok untuk bank atau starbucks
    • Lantai 32 dan Lantai 33 Semi Gross 2.866 m2 jika beli 1 lantai harganya adalah Rp 40.000.000/m2 + 10% PPN
    • Jika beli small unit 196 m2 – 560 m2 harganya Rp 45.000.000/m2
  • Selling Price: Rp, nego
  • Contact Number: 0898 8889 168
  • E-mail:
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